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Branded in Eastern Europe, making sites and tools you’ll never forget. Insert coin and push the button.

Every idea tells a story. We’ll help you tell yours.

DOTZ - Passion for creating webdesigns


For creating effective, beautiful, different, and profitable systems & designs. DOTZ are partners, from the first meeting to the end of each project.

DOTZ - Unique solutions


Making things with a twist is our specialty. But why are you here? Because you want to be memorable, and distinct in your market. And you’re in the right place.

DOTZ - Worry free partnership


Let us make your ideas alive! It needs a bit of coordination, but we have more than enough practice. Worry free guaranteed!

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DOTZ - Neo Tokyo

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You can find our fingerprints & ideas in various platforms. But one thing is common:

the point 

You can like this site or don’t. It’s your point. But you will remember it … AND THAT’S THE POINT

DOTZ - Hungarian Students Sport Association
DOTZ - MovieBar image site
DOTZ - Hungarian Students Sport Association
DOTZ - Hungarian Students Sport Association
DOTZ - BPUnderground documentary
DOTZ - BPUnderground documentary
DOTZ - MovieBar image site
DOTZ - MovieBar image site
Pehely.com - Nehéz munkák könnyedén
Budai Pálinkaház
DOTZ - Be Eight, Be FREE
Pehely.com - Nehéz munkák könnyedén
Reny's Free From Cakes
DOTZ - Hungarian Students Sport Association
Bükkaranyos Község Önkormányzata
Baskó Község Önkormányzata
DOTZ - #WEB #design #Functions

Twisted & beautiful

#WEB #design #Functions

Well-tried is sometimes boring. But what if we mix it with creativity? No matter what kind of project you’re in, we can make it unique & memorable!

DOTZ - Landing & Intro websites


Landing & Intro

DOTZ - Webshops & system solutions


Shops & Systems

DOTZ - Social communication and image

Social and web

Image & Communication

Master DOT - Levente Hernádi
DOTZ - WUG Budapest webshop
DOTZ - Unique system solutions
DOTZ - B8BEFREE image site
DOTZ - Building systems from nothing to something
DOTZ - MovieBar studios image website
DOTZ - Unique & memorable design solutions
DOTZ - BPUnderground documentary website
DOTZ - Online renegades
DOTZ - #WEB #design #Functions

Tell your vision, we'll make it alive!

Just DOTZ and lines – but with us, it’s always more.

“Let’s make a try!”

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Master DOT 

Think outside the box. .. or using the nine dots puzzle in 2023.

Life is frequently a chain of learned tasks. Known issues, secure solutions. Standing still. But you want a vision that makes you different in your market. Solve the problem by joining THE DOTZ!


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